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99% Initiative: "Startup Friendly Implementation Expected!"

99% Initiative: “Startup Friendly Implementation Expected!”

Will the 99% initiative destroy the startup scene? It depends on who you ask. In any case, SP-Grand Council and the founder of the start-up, Daniel Sägesser, say no.

the essentials in brief

  • With a yes to Juso’s 99% initiative, capital income would be taxed more heavily.
  • The start-up scene is upset about this and fears that investments will be restricted.
  • A politician and businessman from the SP disagrees. That “is not a problem at all”.

Daniel Sägesser sits for them SP at the Grand Council of Basel-Stadt. He is a “cleantech entrepreneur”, COO of Megasol AG. The company produces solar modules, has grown rapidly since its founding and is also active internationally.

But Sägesser has its roots in the startup scene. And supports the 99% initiative launched in 2019 of the Juso it was sent. the No-camp argumentThat the initiative is detrimental to start-ups, that’s why it bothers you.

“Not a typical opening theme”

Upon request, the employer explains remarkably heatedly, which is why the 99% initiative does not make Switzerland any less attractive as a starting location. “Very high capital income is not a typical startup theme in and of itself,” says Sägesser. “Fifty percent of startups don’t even survive the first five years.” Therefore, profit distributions “in the vast majority of cases are not a problem at all in the start-up phase.

In addition, a “pragmatic and start-up friendly implementation” of the initiative would not only not be problematic in the event of a yes, but also “absolutely to be expected”. “The text of the initiative is formulated in a very open way,” explains SPler. “That regulates both the amount of the exemption limit and all the other details law. That later dominated by the bourgeoisie Parliament it is formulated in Bern “.

Is the 99% initiative even good for startups?

A high tax on capital income “under no circumstances” would have prevented Sägesser from founding new companies in his day. “As a founder, you have completely different concerns, even in startup-friendly Switzerland,” says Basler. “Access to well-trained specialists or good, affordable commercial properties, etc.”

What do you think of the 99% initiative?

The 99% initiative alleviates the low and middle tax brackets, says Daniel Sägesser. “That strengthens the purchasing power of these people, which is good for the economy, SMEs and also for emerging companies.”

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