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A Complete Overview of a Data Analyst career


Data analyst, which was named as the sexiest job of the 21st century by the Harvard Business Review, is the field that is not limited to IT, but digital marketing and others. It is the most sought after profession, offering good pay job by the top companies. After completing the data analyst course, the candidate can check out the job in different sectors providing good pay and other benefits.

Aspirant, who has done the digital marketing course, can also switch over to the data analysis wherein he/she will be responsible for gathering data for the online marketing campaigns.

The role of a Data Analyst

A data analyst has a vital role in collecting and performing statistical analysis of the data. The data collected is then used for the business purpose, including for applying the right algorithms. If you are good in calculations, algebraic function and other such aspects, then data analysis is the job for you. To become a successful data analyst, you need to carry specific skills including-

  • Microsoft Excel to structure the data using the right formulas
  • Basic SQL using knowledge
  • Web development skills
  • Data mapping

Typical Job Description of the Data Analyst

A typical job of the data analyst is to gather and clean the data to find out trends for business insights. The job nature depends on the industry and the company the individual is working. These analysts are responsible for creating dashboards, design and maintain the relationship in data.

Data analysts usually work with the IT team or data scientist, helping to map out the organizational goals and the data. The work involves cleaning and mining the data from multiple sources. If the data is complex, then it takes time and resources to complete the job. Data analysts are also sensible to communicate with a different team to gather data.

Tasks performed by the data analyst-

  • Gathering and extracting data
  • Finding trend and algorithms
  • Analysing market research
  • Applying final report to the business
  • Tools used by Data Analysts

There are different tools used by data analysts for finding and extracting the data-

Google Analytics: This tool allows the analysts to understand the customer data and customer experience, which needs important to get a long-term positive result.

Tableau: This tool allows to aggregate and analyses data. The tool helps to create and share the dashboard with team members.

Jupyter Notebooks System: This tool makes it simple for a data analyst for testing codes. However, individual with non-coding skill can go for the simple design of the Jupyter notebooks.

Aspirant, while undergoing the data analyst course, they are given proper understanding and training about tools mentioned above. The course also allows them to have a clear idea of how the program works.

Programing Skills required

Data analysts while taking up the job, need to carry programming skills like-

Programming with R

Under R, there are different areas like Dplyr, GGPLOT2, Reshape2 and others. Having an idea about these areas will help in getting the best data analysis work done.

Programming with Python

Python is the simplest form of programming, and for beginners, it is the first stage. Python gives good head stats in data analyst job.


Programming will be of no use if the data is not interpreted using the right stats. Aspirants with good statistical skill can make the best use of data to get the result. It is essential to have basic knowledge of variables probability, histograms, etc.


Data analysis is all about maths, and if you are perfect in it, then the job becomes more comfortable. You can need to learn the advanced stage of maths and linear algebra to succeed in data analyst job.

Machine Learning

This is the most powerful and required programming skill to be successful in the data analyst’s job. ML is a combination of calculus and linear algebra. Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning are the three types of ML required to be learned.


Overall, there is a good career scope in data analysts’ job. The only thing required is the programming skill, along with the passion for learning something new to add on in your career. The ultimate aim is to make the best use of this industry.

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