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HOW TO OBTAIN THE SECRET REACTIONS of the Brawl Stars Championship 2020


HOW TO OBTAIN THE SECRET REACTIONS of the Brawl Stars Championship 2020 – Brawl Stars

There are 3 reactions of the Brawl Stars Championship 2020 that cannot be purchased, but can only be obtained by carrying out certain steps in Brawl Stars and I will tell you how to get the secret reactions of the BRAWL STARS CHAMPIONSHIP!

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A few days ago, Supercell’s Frank tweeted an answer to a question from a Brawl Stars user asking about how the Brawl Stars Championship offers will come, and Frank replied like this:

There will be separate offers during the week dedicated to the Brawl Stars Championship, which will be from November 5th to 12th, and we will insert 3 offers:

  • Reactions cost $ 2.99
  • Colt Challenger skin for $ 4.99
  • Gems + Coins offer for $ 9.99

These offers will serve to promote the final prize pool of the Brawl Stars World Championship to try to reach the figure of 1 MILLION prize money !!!

But in addition to these things they revealed, in truth there are 3 SECRET reactions that can only be unlocked by performing certain steps on Brawl Stars and now I will reveal what they are and how to get them!

Secret reaction 1

This reaction can be obtained for FREE with a simple step. In practice, you will have to access Brawl Stars on the day of the world championship, go to the NEWS TAB of the game and click on the LIVE of the WORLD CUP to watch the live broadcast. Once you have completed this step you will be credited with this REACTION completely FREE!

ATTENTION: You have to watch the world championship live from the Brawl Stars NEWS TAB, if you go directly to the world championship live outside of Brawl Stars, then through Youtube or Twitch you will not be given any reaction.

Secret reaction 2

This reaction will be awarded to all those who during the week of November 5th to 12th purchase at least 1 of the three offers we talked about above, so either the reactions or the colt skin or the gems + coins package. But that’s not all, in fact to get this reaction you need another small requirement: Supercell will have to collect at least $ 500,000 from the offers purchased by you users to reach the million in prize money. Once this goal is achieved, Supercell will give everyone who supported the prize pool the LOVE reaction of the championship!

What if it doesn’t hit $ 500,000? Apparently no reaction and I disagree, I hope Supercell changes this, also because whoever buys the offer is already supporting the prize pool and deserves this REACTION!

Secret reaction 3

The last of the reactions is also the most difficult to obtain, indeed almost impossible. This reaction will be awarded to those who win the Brawl Stars World Championship, so if you are not among the participants of the Brawl Stars Championship 2020 forget this reaction.

Well if you find someone with this reaction in game, it means that you are challenging the 2020 Brawl Stars World Champion.

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