Tuesday, June 18, 2024

a CRAZY feature on Android


Based on what we read on the web in these hours, it seems that Google Stadia you can get touch screen controls on android devices. In addition, it seems that a different application created for Android TV is about to arrive.

Google Stadia with touch controls

Google appears to be testing touchscreen controls for Stadia on Android. To reiterate this, it is the portal of 9to5Google which analyzed the latest version of the software on devices with the green robot operating system and found several references to a function called “direct touchOnce enabled, this will allow Stadia users to touch, swipe and pinch items in games with their finger or continue to use a Bluetooth or USB controller.

It’s still unclear which games will support direct touch, although Stadia currently admits that it has provided limited overriding support for touchscreen controls in games like Monopoly, which allow users to activate touch mode in moments. This new feature was only discovered in the Android version of Stadia, but hopefully it will soon reach the web version of iOS as well.

Google hasn’t provided detailed information on the direct touch for Stadia, so we don’t yet know how it will all be handled. Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service has implemented a variety of touch controls in more than 20 games, allowing Xbox gamers to have fun without a controller.

Also, it seems that Google is preparing support for Android TV by Stadia. 9to5Google notes that there are explicit references to Android TV in this latest app update. Remember that Stadia launched on Chromecast Ultra devices, but Android TV support never came. Is it finally the right time?