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From now on, you can read WhatsApp messages without having to enter the app

Latest updates from WhatsApp caught the attention of the users of the application, since the possibility is available to read the messages received without having to enter into that conversation. That is in addition to the option to make calls and video calls from the desktop, in its web version.

In this way, the double blue tick can be avoided that appears when a lecture is read, if this function is activated in the application.

How to do? First it is necessary to have the resource updated; as a second step, if you have the Android operating system, you must press the home screen until system options appear; Finally, you select the Widgets option and you place the expanded WhatsApp application on the main screen.

– When you incorporate the Widget, you do not need to enter the app.

Once that tab is incorporated at the start of the phone, it will not be necessary to constantly enter the messaging app to see the chats that arrive, but every time you receive one it will be shown in the widget and You can read it without having to enter.

Now, unlike what happened before, information will not be lost if more notifications arrive because up to six conversations can be stored at the same time.

WhatsApp is the instant messaging network in greatest demand worldwide, as it adds more than 1,500 million accounts, and all the time it incorporates many options to make life easier for those who use it daily.

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