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A Deep Dive Into the FFXIV 6.01 Patch Notes



FFXIV Endwalker’s Patch 6.01 adds an exciting new raid dungeon called Pandaemonium, a whole host of quests and items, as well as adjustments to older content.

Today is a great day, because Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker’s first patch, 6.01, is now live. After being down for a long maintenance, it’s nice to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The 6.01 update features a new series of quests to farm FFXIV Gil that will eventually lead you to a new raid called Pandaemonium. Square Enix also released the full patch notes that show where and how you can unlock the raids for yourself. Of course, it’s not a patch update without any bug fixes. The most notable bug that Endwalker players experienced was when the NPCs would float while following their character for escort missions. There’s a whole lot of meat left on the bone, so let’s dive right into it.

The Star of the Show: The Pandaemonium Raid

The highlight of the FFXIV Endwalker patch 6.01 is undoubtedly the newest raid dungeon to join the MMORPG’s ever-expanding roster, Pandaemonium: Asphodelos. This raid will revolve around certain Ascian characters from the game’s lore. A ghastly realm shadowed by warped, spindly trees and engulfed in a black mist, players just have 90 minutes to complete the raid to earn Pandaemonium Points. These points can be traded to Djole in Radz-at-Han or Mylenie in Labyrinthos to earn new items in the FFXIV store.

To unlock Pandaemonium, you first have to complete the Chronicles of a New Era quest “The Crystal from Beyond” and at least be level 90. What’s more, you’ll also need to have an average item level of 565 or above. As stated before, you get to earn Pandaemonium Points when doing the raid. These are gotten from the treasure coffers that appear upon completing Pandaemonium: Asphodelos. Instead of offering the usual gear, the raid will instead give these tokens that can be traded to gear pieces of your choosing. Note that you can only receive one token per circle of the raid each week.

Rewards in The Pandaemonium Raid

The gear that can be exchanged using the tokens/points gotten from the treasure coffer are as follows:

  • Unsung Ring of Asphodelos
  • Unsung Helm of Asphodelos
  • Unsung Gauntlet of Asphodelos
  • Unsung Greaves of Asphodelos
  • Unsung Armor of Asphodelos
  • Unsung Chausses of Asphodelos

Moreover, if you manage to complete Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle, you’ll be eligible to get the unsung blade of Asphodelos once per week–provided that you’ve already done the first three circle duties (Asphodelos: The First Circle, The Second Circle, The Third Circle) that have been added to the Duty Roulette (for Mentor and Normal Raids), of course.

Adjustments Were Made

Tweaks were made to the instanced battle for the “In from the Cold” quest, but they’re only applicable if you choose the Very Easy or Easy difficulties after failing the duty.

  • Certain items required to progress in the duty are now more easily locatable thanks to the amount of fuel-concealing wreckage in the area increased.
  • The effects of the Indomitable Spirit status effect are now more potent.
  • The duty action’s initial number of uses has been increased.

What to Expect in the Future

A Savage version of the Pandaemonium will be available in the future, along with the treasure hunt dungeon, the Excitatron 6000. Besides that, brand new gear has been added for each Final Fantasy XIV job, with new weapons that can be expected to land in the 6.05 patch. Since players are no doubt going to be busy with the Pandaemonium raid and Chronicles of a New Era quests, you can expect the next patch for FFXIV slated for 2022, considering that 2021 is at its end.

Final Thoughts

Besides the highly anticipated Pandaemonium Raid, a plethora of issues has also been resolved, including features for crafting, NPCs, Jobs, and more. FFXIV devs also managed to “fix” the infamous Endwalker grapes, but the fans aren’t exactly impressed about that. If you’ve been holding off on playing Final Fantasy XIV because of the long queue times, now’s the best time to log into your FFXIV account. The wait times during peak hours are still formidable but server queues have noticeably been reduced. As long as you don’t play in the hours where there’s a lot of people on the servers, you’ll be just fine. Plus, Square Enix is currently giving out free play time, making it the perfect opportunity to do so. Are you planning to try out the Pandaemonium Raid with some friends? Let us know down below!

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