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OSRS Cerberus Guide



What is Cerebrus?

Cerebrus is a high-level hellhound boss located below Taverley’s dungeon. You can find the entrance to her liar in the northeastern part of the hellhound area. Cerebrus is a slayer boss that requires 91 Slayer to kill, but you must be on a hellhound or Cerebrus slayer task to do so. Since the requirements for this boss are so high, some players choose to look for OSRS accounts for sale, because buying an already leveled account is a good alternative for people who don’t have enough time to level their own account.

What are the notable drops?

The most notable drops are the crystals and the smouldering stone. Crystals can be sold for a good amount of OSRS gold or used to make the best in slot boots for each specific combat style.  Another exclusive loot of Cerebrus is the ”Hellpupy” pet. Since the chance of getting the ”Hellpupy” is 1 in 3000, it’s considered very rare and will attract the attention of other players.

Skill requirements

Minimum requirement is 91 slayer. Without this you won’t be able to deal damage to Cerebrus.

Suggested minimum requirements:

Attack – 85

Strenght – 85

Defence – 75

Prayer – 70

Ranged – 85

Gear choice

In the gear choice section, I’ll list both ranged and melee equipment. I’ll specify each equipment slot and the items will be listed from left to right, from low tier to high tier, so just use the best item available to you. If you can’t afford these gear pieces, remember that you can always buy OSRS gold to upgrade your equipment and get more kills per hour.

  • Melee

Weapon: Arclight – Sythe of vitur (crush) – Dragon claws (for spec, if you are using a sythe)

Special attack weapon: Dragon dagger p++ – Dragon claws (if using a sythe)

Shield: Dragon defender – Elysian spirit shield (for the ghost phase)

Helmet: Black mask – Slayer helmet

Amulet: Amulet of fury – Amulet of blood fury

Chest: Fighter torso – Inquisitor’s hauberk

Legs: Obsidian platelegs – Bandos tasset – Inquisitor’s plateskirt

Boots: Dragon boots – Primordial boots

Gloves: Barrows gloves (RFD) – Ferocious gloves

Cape: Fire cape – Infernal cape

Arrows: Any god’s blessing – Rada’s blessing 4

Ring: Berserker ring – Berserker ring (i)


  • Ranged

Weapon: Toxic blowpipe (adamant darts or better) – Twisted bow (with dragon arrows)

Special attack weapon:

Shield: – Elysian spirit shield (for the ghost phase)

Helmet:  Slayer helmet (i)

Amulet:  Amulet of fury – Necklace of anguish

Chest: Blessed dragonhide body (any) – Armadyl chestplate

Legs: Blessed dragonhide chaps (any) – Armadyl chainskirt

Boots: Blessed boots (any) – Pegasian boots

Gloves: Barrows gloves (RFD)

Cape: Ava’s assembler

Arrows: Any god’s blessing – Rada’s blessing 4

Ring: Archers ring (i) – Ring of suffering (i)

The boss fight and mechanics.

Once you enter the Cerebrus lair you will have 3 boss rooms at your disposal, all of them are the same, just choose the one that’s free. As soon as you enter the boss room, activate your protect from mage prayer and continue walking down the small path to the boss, and at that moment the battle begins. Her first attack is a combo attack. The fight against Cerebrus basically consists of 3 mechanics: the combo attack, the ghosts, and the lava pools. I will explain each of them.

  • The combo attack

Cerebrus will shoot 3 orbs at you at a fairly fast pace, each damaging you with a different combat style.The order of these attack styles is mage – ranged – melee. As I mentioned earlier, this happens both at the beginning of the fight and later. To counter this attack, you should activate you protect from magic prayer when you know the attack is about to start. As soon as you see the first orb flying towards you, activate protect from range prayer, and as soon as you see the second orb flying, activate protect from melee prayer. This takes some practice, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll find the right timing.

  • The ghost phase

This phase is only activated when Cerebrus drops below 400 health, and is activated every seventh attack. You know the attack is coming when she howls “Aaaroooooo.” After that, three ghosts spawn. They attack in order from left to right. Each time this attack happens, the ghosts stand in a different position. This mechanic is similar to the combo attack. As soon as you see them spawn, you change the protection prayer that represents the color of the ghost standing furthest to the left. As soon as you see the attack animation of the first ghost, switch your protection prayer to the second combat style, the same goes for the third ghost. Every single one of these attacks will drain  30 prayer points from you, regardless of whether they damage you or not. You can halve the prayer points drained by using a spectral spirit shield.

  • The lava pools

Cerebrus won’t use this attack until she’s dropped below 200 hitpoints. She’ll indicate the start of this attack with a “Grrrrrrrr”. She will create three lava spots you should avoid. The first lava pool always appears below you and it’s quite hard to avoid it. The other two appear randomly, but you should stay at least 2 squares away from the lava, otherwise you’ll take damage all the time.

  • The boss fight

Between these phases, Cerebrus attacks with basic attacks, whether you use melee or ranged, you must pray protect from mage. The only difference between you using melee and ranged is the fact that Cerebrus is unable to use her melee as a basic attack on you when using ranged. These boss phases/mechanics happen in a specific order depending on how low Cerebrus’ hit points are.


Cerebrus isn’t the easiest boss, it takes practice and patience to master it, but it’s definitely not impossible. If you don’t have the right gear for the boss or can’t afford it, consider to buy osrs gold and upgrading your gear. Once you’ve mastered the Cerebrus, you’ll earn even more OSRS gold and can then move on to even more difficult bosses. Good luck!

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