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A fan recreates the introduction, the video that defies climbing

A fan recreates the introduction, the video that defies climbing

Released in 1995 for PlayStation and PC, then in 1996 on Saturn, the first WipEout will never remain in hearts, for those who have made their demo run in a loop like those who have been impressed to plunge into the future in its cinematics. . launch.

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It is precisely the launch video of the futuristic racing game from Psygnosis that Benjamin Brosdau wanted to pay tribute to, recreating it with modern tools. You can discover the fruit of his work above. And a description below:

This is a remake of the intro cutscenes used for the first WipEout game title on PS1 and Sega Saturn. I still love these games and of course the associated soundtracks! I started working on it in 2009, but dropped out of the project for various reasons. In 2021, I used it again after finding old files on my hard drives. I have built everything new from scratch, of course, the technology has also gone much further in the meantime. It uses some kitbash sets, which wasn’t a big deal in 2009. This was done mostly in 3dsmax and V-Ray, with additional elements from Houdini and Renderman.

We will not stop reminding Sony that a new episode of the series would not be too much. WipEout Omega Collection is the latest version available, compatible with PlayStation VR for pure sensations. But after a cigar. I’m still high