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Cardano Wallet launches new update "Daedalus"

Cardano Wallet launches new update “Daedalus”

Cardano’s full node wallet is “Daedalus”, in particular, users’ tokens are tokens (that is, only THERE ARE did a major update with some great new features that allow you to send and receive tokens).

IOHK announced the arrival of Daedalus version 4.0.3 on Tuesday, March 30.

Daedalus Mac version 4.0.3

According to the Daedalus 4.0.3 release notes, the most important new feature is to support local tokens:

Labyrinth 4.0.3 is an important version that allows users to send and receive local tokens. Wallet addresses can now receive local and island tokens in a single Cardano transaction. Available local tokens appear in the token section of the Wallet Summary screen, where the balance of each token is displayed.

“Local tokens are uniquely identified by the two hexadecimal numbers, Policy ID and Asset Name, stored on the blockchain. These two numbers are combined into a readable fingerprint to facilitate the identification of local tokens. These fingerprints start with the “asset” and are always displayed next to the local tokens in Daedalus. Ada differs from local tokens in that it has no fingerprints. When using local tokens, transaction fees are paid as islands and multiple islands must be sent with each transaction to protect the network from attack. “

As IOHK correctly points out, it is important to note that Daedalus is “a full node wallet for Linux, Mac and Windows PCs that is only available for download” and “is not available as a mobile app for Android or iOS”.

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