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Visual Story

A free tool to create interactive stories from the web

If you want to move away from PowerPoint presentations and put your creativity to work creating interactive stories, you can take a look at Visual Story.

It is a web resource that combines a series of tools to create visual and interactive stories without getting complicated with too many options.

Using the dynamics that Visual Story proposes, you can create stories, “Choose your own adventure” style games, interactive messages to share with friends, contests or content to share in your online classes.

A simple way to create interactive stories

Of course, you will need to invest time since you will have to create your characters, events, settings, etc. But this resource offers you all the tools you need to make the process simple.

You only need to create an account on the platform and you will already have access to all its functions. To help those who are beginners, you will see that it offers a range of graphic elements to choose what you need to create your story.

You can also see some examples on the platform to give you an idea of ​​the type of stories or content that you can generate with this tool. If you want your stories or projects to be visible to everyone, you can set them to “Public”, and if you only want to share them with a certain group of users, then choose to keep them private, and then generate a URL.

One detail to keep in mind is that Visual history it is in its early stages, so it may be buggy. But if you want to create a simple interactive story or a game Simple, you can find in this platform everything you need to organize your project.

So if you are looking for a way to capture the attention of your audience or surprise your students with simple interactive games, you can try different combinations using the resources that Visual Story offers. Don’t forget to review the storage conditions before starting your project.