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Rustler: Medieval Sandbox Game “Paying Homage to Good Old GTA Style” Available in Early Access for PC, A Trailer to Celebrate


If the term Similar to GTA has long been used to refer to open world modern, Rustler this label sticks on itself. On the other hand, the developers of Jutsu Games I want above all Get inspired by the first few episodes in the top view, while offering much more modern free action scenes, in addition to medieval times.. Horseback riding, bards that walk to move in music, upward mobility through missions, and general disorder, all the master’s codes will be there.

And if you want to give your opinion on this game sandbox, you also can look at trailer launch ofEarly access on PC, or directly download this temporary version for € 20.99 the Steam, and even € 17.84 until February 24. Of How to play had already been transmitted, in case you want to see more before making your decision.

Grand theft … horses
Rustler is a top-down open-world action game that pays homage to good GTA style and combines it with a non-historical medieval context. Live feudal injustice, inquisition, witch hunt and join the Grand Tournament. Meet brave knights, but stupid as their feet. Complete many varied and unexpected missions and quests or lose interest in the story and wreak havoc in cities and towns. Choose to move on foot or on a stolen horse. Fight with a sword or use a magnificent automatic crossbow. Additionally, the entire game benefits from Monty Pythonsque’s politically incorrect sense of humor.

Play as a brave hairless bandit in a medieval sandbox
Rustler’s world is full of humor, anachronisms, and popular references. Have you ever been towed to park in a “HORSE FREE ZONE”? Fancy a medieval martial arts cage fight? Or maybe you want to customize your frame a bit? And how about joining the sect that believes that the Earth is round?

Wreak havoc on ancient fights from above
Use swords, spears, dung, and crossbows. For more efficiency, try holy grenades or … horses. Nothing is more dangerous than the hooves of a galloping horse or a skidding cart.

Smoke them all to get half the kingdom
Starting out as a poor peasant, you have to be resourceful to win the Grand Tournament. Form questionable alliances, betray your opponents, and unearth dinosaur bones in a light, understandable, and unappealing story.

Hire bards to assist you musically in battle.
A bard can be your personal (and sweaty) radio. Not content with never giving up on you, even in the heart of the fiercest battles, he will also change the pace of his performances according to events. Also, you can let him know that you want to change the puck with a good punch to the face.

A career disaster
Throw cows into the air, dress up as a guard or even as a Reaper, burn mountains of grass, draw the shapes you want on the ground with a hoe, survive a frontal assault by the guards after having massacred half the city … This list of Rustler’s incredible possibilities is far from exhaustive.

Grand Theft Auto V – Premium Online Edition Is available in € 19.99 to Fnac.

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