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A man faces a backlash after “choosing” a video game over his wife: “reassessing your priorities”


Man left his wife outside No key Play World of Warcraft.

He said on RedditAm i A ******Forum for advice.Delivery order arrived while he was playing video game.. His wife went downstairs to get food, but forgot her key. Instead of helping her, he continued the game until he could pause without losing. Now his wife is upset.

“My wife and I lived in a big city and ordered food delivery,” Reddit poster Said.. “Our building is small (only one other unit) and has a front hall that locks when the door closes behind. As soon as we start [game], The doorbell rings and she goes downstairs to get food. When she left, I told her not to forget the key, but she did. So, after collecting food, she got stuck in the front yard with no way back to her apartment. “

The reason he refused to go to his wife was because he was on a timely mission of video games without a player and his wife knew of that commitment.

“This happens from time to time, and my wife rings the doorbell to let me know that I’m stuck,” he says. Description.. “On this occasion when the doorbell rang, I ignored it for maybe five minutes until I finished meeting my boss. She was really, really upset and I was a huge a ****** And I told me I chose video games over her. “

Reddit users thought the poster was off the line.

“You need to seriously reassess your priorities,” said one person. I have written.

Another “treat damn games better than your wife” Said..

“I put my wife outside so I could collect fictitious electronic rewards,” someone said. comment..

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post A man faces a backlash after “choosing” a video game over his wife: “reassessing your priorities” First appeared I know..

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