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Android 12 Leaks: New Android 12 Privacy and UI Updates |  Android 12 Features Leaked Online

Android 12 Leaks: New Android 12 Privacy and UI Updates | Android 12 Features Leaked Online

Android operating system … The whole world has gotten smarter at the same time with this amazing technology brought by Google. The first version of Android 1.0 was released on September 23, 2008. Since then, every year it introduces new functions from time to time to suit the needs of mobile users. Introduced on September 8 last year, Android 11 introduced new features such as chat bubbles, conversion notifications, and a built-in screen recorder.

Although the Android 11 update is not yet available on everyone’s smartphones, there are many rumors about the upcoming Android 12. Some Android 12 features are now circulating on the internet. It looks like Google will be bringing it to the Pixel, Android One, and other smartphones later this year. The Android operating system is currently used in other electronic products such as smartphones and smart TVs. Looking at the leaked Android 12 screenshots going viral on Netflix, it seems that the focus is mainly on the user interface and security.

The Android 12 features that Google will bring later are similar to those of iOS. Also, he shared a screenshot with a large notification toggle button. Android 11 has six quick toggle buttons, while Android 12 only has four toggle buttons. It also includes security switches found in iOS. That is, Android 12 is trying to provide greater security in this update. Along with this, new widgets will be brought like Recent Messages, Calls, Activity Status. Sharing Wi-Fi passwords with nearby electronic devices means better theme.


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