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A man hangs from a plane taking off (video)

A man hangs from a plane taking off (video)

Another shocking video comes from the Kabul airport, where the situation is more dramatic than the fall of Kabul to the Taliban.

Let us remind you that there are still thousands of people at that airport, trying to get out of Afghanistan. And while there is some order today, Monday’s scenes traveled the world and came one after another.

Among the many recordings are those showing the bodies of Afghans falling from a plane taking off, followed by other recordings of desperate attempts by Afghans to escape by climbing onto the wheels of the plane.

The latest disturbing video was released today, but it was recorded during yesterday’s terrifying attempt by the Afghans to latch onto the plane. According to Rasha Tudej, the video was taken from inside a plane taking off from Kabul airport, while a man can be seen hooked through the window of the plane.

Meanwhile, the body of the Afghan was found at the landing point of the US C-17 transport plane, a few hours after it took off from Kabul’s “Hamid Karzai” international airport. The body found at the point made the plane temporarily defective, reports the Brussels portal Politiko.

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