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A new former Blizzard game studio set up to pick up a fallen RTS mantle

A new former Blizzard game studio set up to pick up a fallen RTS mantle

Every few months, it seems like you’re hearing the words of a new studio formed by Blizzard Entertainment veterans, but it’s not always worth the press. But after a rough stretch of Blizzard’s roster of real-time strategy games, the latest cast of Blizzard veterans, who launched a new shop, brought a bright new glow to our figurative ax.

Frost Giant Studios officially debuted on Monday and consists of the original serious name Starcraft II Team: Production Director, Lead Artist, Lead Designer, Lead Corp Designer.Those staff are joined by lead campaign designers WarCraft IIIExpansion pack Frozen throne, Former Blizzard Senior Writer, Former Blizzard Engineer, Former Blizzard Program Manager.

As part of that announcement, Frost Giant made its mission Single Twitter post: “Launch a new game studio to build the next great RTS!” That same slogan was repeated many times at Frost Giant. Announcement video, Each of the company’s eight representatives offers several versions of that language.

The studio wasn’t ready to announce the details of a particular game, but Frost Giant president Tim Campbell confirmed that he was already the director of the “first project.” This means that at least one RTS game is already in the studio pipeline.