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Destiny 2 Announces Beyond Light Story Trailer Starring Stasis Baron, Elamis and Valix

Destiny 2 Announces Beyond Light Story Trailer Starring Stasis Baron, Elamis and Valix

Well, Destiny 2 hasn’t made fun of Beyond Light yet. Today, I’ve got a big new story trailer full of cutscene goodness, and I’m looking closely at both allies and villains for the next expansion.

Like all Destiny trailers, the new 2-minute trailer is very good, primarily giving Elamis the power of stasis to the fallen home. This suggests that the pyramids are not the only race in the arrival season. Make an offer to.

Let’s take a look at Elamis’ motives. So she and most of the corrupt are really angry at abandoning the Traveler and shedding light many years ago. And now they have found a new, much more generous large space object. friend.

On the good side, you can see Exo Stranger and his old companion Variks, who are captured by Eramis. I have to save him. I’m pretty sure our Guardian had a series of conversations in this trailer. This is a big deal, as we all know.

Bungee too Post story details on part of Beyond Light’s website, And they provide some new explanations, including the look of “Stasis Baron”, which I call them House Salvation Elite. At least one is the boss of the strike and the others can be part of the raid or main campaign story. Alternatively, you could kill them in a baron-like adventure, but I doubt that because the adventure doesn’t really exist anymore.

ERAMIS -The deadly dark Kell is trying to regain the glory of her people. Accurate revenge on travelers for abandoning them. Free yourself from the weight of the past and build a new culture of Ericsni. Now infused with the power of Stasis, she has found the ultimate tool to achieve her goals.

Home Relief Elite -Elamis Adjutant — Atracs, Clydis, Philax, Praxis. The highest ranked and most reliable subject of the dark fallen Kel. Those who wield skilled stasis are both loyal and deadly. A powerful enemy who stops without doing anything to advance the cause of Elamis.

VARIKS – Variks just recently emerged from hiding after helping Uldren Sov escape from the elder’s prison. An uneasy ally in the fight against Elamis, he is a wise opportunist who wants to do good, even if his choices are always questionable.

EXO Stranger -Mysterious Exo hasn’t been seen since the collapse of Black Garden. With extraordinary insight into the future, she made Europe her home. Her experience helps the Guardian understand the power of Stasis.

Ellis Morne -A survivor of indescribable horror, Ellis is a former hunter who has devoted her life to understanding and defeating darkness. Now she answers the exost ranger’s call … and the temptation of Stasis.

drifter -Smooth speaker. Scavenger. Hustler. Drifters are all of these, and more. A light bearer from the early days of Last City, he has long bragged about his connection to darkness. For him, it’s not right or wrong. It’s about survival.

There are a few things to keep in mind. This is, yes, a confirmation that Variks was really responsible for escaping Uldren. So I don’t know how to square it with him in the future. The stranger is still mysterious here, but her identity is basically confirmed in the new Collector’s Edition material described later. And although not mentioned here, what could be part of the story is Mislux through the Collector’s Edition, but the magnitude of his role is unknown.

Overall, it’s very cool to organize. Look at this a few more times to see if there is anything else you can extract.

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