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A new store that sells nostalgia and music in Walkisha

Walkisha, Wisconsin — Take off your dirty flannel shirt from the 90’s and remember that time. Stephen Howitz is Nostalgia Music & More, 321 W. Main St in Walkisha. I opened a store called.

The store is a trading and trading business featuring used video games and records of various genres decades ago.

“It’s always been my dream. I worked in a record store from childhood until I was 23,” Howitz told Patch.

Howitz currently works as a lawyer during the day, but is also a music lover with nearly 4,000 records in his home collection. He slowly merges records into the store’s inventory when he feels he’s ready to let go of the records from the collection.

A sense of nostalgia is a difficult habit for Howitz to break. “We are always chasing that feeling. Like a feeling of openness.”[a] Zelda ” For the Nintendo 64 for Christmas, “Hawitz said.

Howitz found that teenagers were obsessed with physical media such as vinyl. “It’s not just a vague click to play and listening to 40 songs in a row,” he said. “There are only a few songs on one side, so we need to switch records.”

Howitz’s seven-year-old daughter is starting a physical record with the new Mickey Mouse record player. She goes beyond Disney songs to listen to the early 2000s rocker Avril Lavigne.

According to Howitz, the goal of nostalgia music is to pass on his path to the next generation. At the end of the day, Mr. Howitz said he knew he was selling plastic, which makes people happy.

Keep your record

Howitz was always hanging around, so I remembered being hired as a young man at an Illinois record store. Howitz rearranged the selected music and placed his favorite band in front of the display.

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He also dabbled in the band as a teenager, but admitted that it wasn’t a long-term desire. “If I could be a rock star, I would be happy to do it, but I didn’t have the face or talent to do it,” he said.

The record shop job turned out to be a great way to discuss his musical interests, and he enjoyed the random cast of characters who visited the record shop. Howitz continues to be friends with many of them, and they continue to offer to work in his new store.

“It was very comfortable to go to the music store and talk to people about music and I really like it,” Howitz told Patch. Now, thanks to his new business venture, Howitz can live his passion.

From slowback to comeback

As a kid in the 90’s, Howitz was biased towards alternatives such as Morrissey and one-hit wonders. Recently, a customer visited a new store and laughed out loud when a New Radicals record was played.

The joke was with the customer when the New Radicals reunited at President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday.

Nostalgia Music & More offers not only male-centric bands, but also albums by pop goddesses such as Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. Howitz’s goal is to create a store that female music and video fans will not feel familiar with.

You can also play vintage arcade games such as “NBA Jam” and “Outrun” for free. “It’s fun and it’s a conversational seed to keep people in the store,” he said.

For more information, please visit the store. Facebook page..

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