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a patent for a controller suggests landing •

a patent for a controller suggests landing •

Does Sony plan to expand into mobile games? To see a patent, one would say yes!

The Japanese division of Sony interactive entertainment has posted a patent which describes a type of controller suitable for mobile games: it resembles a Dualshock 4 and has a left and right grip, separated by a space where a smartphone should be housed.

In reality, the Dualshock 4 can already be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth, but a controller like the one shown in the patent could mean something more important for Sony – in fact, in October, Sony took over. Nicola Sebastiani, which helped manage Apple’s mobile operations in the division Apple arcade, and already in June Jim Ryan showed the will to bring some of the most iconic IPs of Playstation to mobile devices, thus showing for some time the intention to enter the mobile games.

The image shown in the patent has similar characteristics to third-party adapters used to stream games from smartphone to games on Microsoft’s X-Cloud platform, so Sony’s strategy could be similar, but with the difference that is own. After all, Sony already has a streaming service: PS now therefore, you could find cozy shores on mobile devices.

According to previous statements by Ryan, at the end of March 2022 we should know more. What do you expect from Sony?

Source: VGC

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