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A toilet like PC gaming: the best ideas don't always come out of the pot

A toilet like PC gaming: the best ideas don’t always come out of the pot

Have you ever wondered why you don’t install gaming PCs in toilet tanks? Us neither. Still, someone did.

In summer temperatures, gaming PCs like to sweat. Water cooling can help. But you’ve probably never seen one like it. The owner of the YouTube channel Basically Homeless installed a 12700 and 2060 gaming PC in the flush tank of his toilet. With lighting, windows and everything that goes with it. The best part is that the toilet remains functional and can be flushed despite the technical interior.

After a lot of work, the toilet was finally ready for a test with Counter Strike. Perhaps the ideal solution for studios with little space? It also had a positive side effect: Basicly Homeless claimed that his conversion job taught him more about plumbing than he ever could have imagined. Below you can follow the video of the creation of the gaming toilet (sorry…).

It is not the first unusual computer project to implement the channel. Even a refrigerator had to believe in it to become gaming hardware.