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A very simple technique to convince the cat not to climb on the furniture in the house


Cats live by instinct and tend to express the desire to browse everywhere, from furniture to the most hidden corners of the house.
In addition, small domestic cats love to reach the highest areas of the environment in which they live to better control the surrounding territory.
And therefore, those who decide to adopt a furry and friendly cat will have to deal with its acrobatic and slightly intrusive habits.

However, cats are extremely intelligent and it is not impossible to tame them, despite the feline disposition.
What matters is consistency. With a little patience, the cat will obey the owner’s orders, without special effort.

Instinct, hunger and boredom will always push this animal to climb on furniture. Next, the editorial team wants to show its readers a very simple, widely used technique that promises satisfactory results. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the cat will no longer want to climb on the furniture in the house.

A very simple technique to convince the cat not to climb on the furniture in the house

Among the different ideas, the only one that seems to solve the problem quickly is that of generating noise.
When the cat decides to get on tables and furniture, it is recommended to make some noise. For example, moving coins in a glass container. The important thing is not to be seen by the cat.
Another useful method of making noise and discouraging the cat from climbing on furniture is to lay down sheets of tinfoil on surfaces. In this way, the cat, when scared, will have less and less desire to step on that particular piece of furniture.

Finally, the ideal is to give the cat a corner that it can climb, made of games, boxes, tunnels, balls and wires so that it can play and feel safe and at home. This way you will not have the need to play with furniture and appliances.

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