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Activer le crossplay Switch, XBOX, PS4, PC and mobiles

Activer le crossplay Switch, XBOX, PS4, PC and mobiles

Through Julien’s Gavel

The Fortnite phenomenon has been open for months to crossplay on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile platforms, including the Switch. Here’s how to play with your friends on other media!

Crossplay in Fortnite

Crossplay is a relatively new option, already present in Apex Legends, for example, and that allows players to find themselves in the same title, regardless of their platform. A boon for Fortnite players who are also entitled to it. Once Fortnite is installed on your platform, here is the procedure to activate the crossover game to embark on a frenzied Battle Royale or original game mode like Escape Game:

Link your Fortnite accounts:

– The manipulation is done from a computer, not by choice. Meeting in Fortnite website for the first step.

– At the top right of the page, we are interested in the icon of a little man. If you are already logged in, please log out.

– Hover over the snowman icon and click the platform you choose. In the window that opened, accept the various requests for Microsoft / Sony / Nintendo to get to the page where your login details are requested.

– Then enter your identifiers.

– Once I’m back, all your progress, your in-game purchases and your friends will sync!

Play between Xbox and others:

Only XBOX players can invite PC players, NOT REVERSE. To play with your PC friends, invite them from the EPIC launcher (available to download from the site). Later, from the XBOX, create a squad and invite your PC friends.

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– As you have understood, PC players can only accept XBOX player invites, they cannot emit it. Only consoles can issue a PC / mobile invite. For more controls, check out the dedicated launcher, the link for which is at the top of the article.

Play with friends on mobile:

– With the launch of Fortnite On mobile devices, you may want to try these types of hybrid squads. No problems! Just do the same manipulation as above, always going through the Fortnite site or the dedicated launcher.

Activate PS4 crossover play:

– The handling is more or less the same as before: from from Fortnite website, disconnect and hover over the man again, this time choosing Play station.

– In the window that opens, enter your login details and voila: everything is in sync!

– As in Xbox, only PS4 players can invite players from PC, XBOX or mobile devices, and not the other way. On PS4, create a lobby and invite your friends from PC, XBOX or mobile devices, then start the game.

– Note that the Cross-play switch and PS4 seems idle for now.

This trick also works with the PS5 if you are one of the lucky ones to get one. Sony’s console shortage is expected to last for a long time.

Quid of the Switch?

Xbox One, personal computer, Mac, Y mobiles are accepted in cross game with the Nintendo console. To do this, repeat the tour mentioned at the top of the article: go to the site, link your accounts and invite players.

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On the other hand, cross-play between PS4 and Switch is not available..

MAY: On March 14, 2019, Nintendo decided that players Switch can no longer cross game with PS4 and XBOX console players ! In question: the frame rate is too different (Switch 30 fps, consoles 60 fps). Suddenly : Change player they are not now paired up than with mobile players. Please note that this does not concern that lonely players.

It is always possible to invite your friends, whether they are on XBOX or PS4 (or PC), Epic allows you to choose to be at a disadvantage..

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