While at the beginning of the year Nvidia announced the integration of your DLSS into the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine By means of a plugin to facilitate its implementation, now the company has replicated the movement, weighing in on the massification of RayTracing.

Under the name of Nvidia RTXGI (RTX Global Illumination), we came across a plugin for the Unreal Engine 4.27 forward that enables RayTracing to be activated in any game or application without the need to write code or recompile the graphics engine. Simply the plugin is added and the technology is now accessible.

Nvidia RTX Global Illumination is a scalable solution that calculates multi-bounce indirect lighting without bake times, light leakage, or expensive per-frame costs. RTXGI is compatible with any DXR-enabled GPU and is an ideal starting point for incorporating the benefits of RayTracing into your current tools, knowledge and capabilities.

Nvidia RTXGI Features:

Without UVs. Without Light Baking. No light leakage.

  • Dramatically accelerate iteration time with real-time RayTracing lighting. No more obsessing over the position of the light probe; no light or shadow leaks

Infinite bounce lighting in real time

  • RTXGI’s probe-based data structure temporarily accumulates and filters irradiation and distance information in real time, creating a high-quality infinite bounce cache of visibility information

Content creation at the speed of light

  • Artists get instant results in the editor or in-game. Move an object or light and global illumination updates in real time

Available for any DirectX RayTracing capable GPU

  • RTXGI’s scalable design gives you control to decide when and where to maximize performance or image quality