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the referendum campaign organized in the square

the referendum campaign organized in the square

Marcianise. “We abolish hunting”: the referendum campaign to abolish hunting will be installed in Piazza Umberto. Here are the details.

We defend the weakest

“Yes, we abolish hunting”, “Let us defend the weakest”, “What is hunting?”, “No, it is not a sport!”. These are the slogans on which the referendum campaign against hunting is based. It will be installed in Piazza Umberto I, and the campaign against the abolition of hunting will take place on Sunday, September 5, from 09:00 to 13:00. Anyone interested, can the site bring you and sign for the abolition of hunting in Italy? To support this initiative in Marcianise is a young student, Marco Mozzillo. In recent days, the young man wrote a letter addressed to the citizens, associations and parishes of the city, trying to strike their consciences.

The long letter

“Before taking this position, I did an analysis of hunting and its usefulness. There are those who define hunting as a sport and there are those who define it as a passion ”. Hunting is a sport. “What is sport? Sport is a means to create sociability, to distract ourselves, momentarily, from the problems that stress us every day, to empower ourselves, to have fun. Sport does not kill! And above all, animals do not they are trophies! “Hunting is a passion.” But what is the passion of hunters? Shoot or kill? If the answer were to shoot, we can immediately turn to sports such as shooting and clay pigeon, games that are based on firearms, used to hit. stationary, moving or flying targets. So why kill poor, innocent creatures if there are side games to hunting that are much more competitive and more rewarding than hunting? describes all my heartbreaking action. Today we fight for the weakest, so that their rights are respected It has improved. I wonder, are we really sure that we are not neglecting anyone? Paradoxically, there is a fight for euthanasia and a harmless being cannot continue to live. So what are these struggles for if they continue to allow such atrocities? Honestly, I see so much cruelty and so much selfishness. “If you have men who will exclude any creature of God from the refuge of compassion and mercy, you will have men who will treat their fellowmen equally.” Said the young man.