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Air pollution in Toulouse: what activities to avoid

Air pollution in Toulouse: what activities to avoid

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Laurent Guilleminault, a pneumo-allergist at the Toulouse College Clinic, remembers that all through air pollution peaks, respiratory viruses distribute far more promptly. Regardless of covid, barrier gestures are strongly advised.

Can a air pollution episode minimize the threats associated with covid?

Experiments propose that, in truth, spikes in contamination could be elements that facilitate COVID contamination. But it is continue to pretty uncertain. The reality is that at peak instances it is crucial to respect the barrier gestures. We now know that specified pollutants attack the epithelium, a layer positioned in the bronchi. Hence, throughout spikes in contamination, respiratory viruses, this sort of as respiratory syncytial virus, have an a lot easier time coming into the bronchi. It is very clear on the ground, when there is respect for the barrier gestures, there are barely any consultations for some of these viruses.

Do you see extra and a lot more sufferers with signs and symptoms or pathologies associated to these air pollution spikes?

It is exceptionally challenging to response this question, as the factors can be many. Listed here again, the truth of the matter is that we plainly see an improve in people today with asthma, for illustration. But it is challenging to know the participation of contamination in these pathologies. There are things these as tobacco for example that need to be taken into account. In spite of almost everything, we know that element of it arrives from contamination.

What must be done in the occasion of a spike in contamination?

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For vulnerable individuals, you should really stay clear of playing sporting activities outside. Scientific studies have proven that there is a reduce in respiratory capacity during air pollution peaks. It is also preferable to near the windows, at least through the high season, for the reason that we know that the indoor air can also be very polluted by furniture, paint or interior perfumes. That is why we near the windows during the peak, but it is important to reopen them once the pollution episode has passed. We also invite our patients to obtain programs that evaluate air quality in real time, so that they can anticipate.