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Retiree Club Announces the Launch of Season 2!


After the total success of the Grandfather’s Party, the Retirees Club decides to put the lid back on with the Degenerate grandmother. On this occasion it will be the ladies who will star in this new work as promising as the previous one.

Degenerate Grandma has something to say too!

For those who couldn’t have taken the wagon with the party grandparents, they will have a chance to catch up with the degenerate grandmother. The Retirement Club has decided to highlight our seniors with these colorful NFTs, available for season 2 as sparkling grandmothers. Of course, the benefits will always be as numerous as during the first edition, much to the pleasure of the members.

If you are one of the lucky ones who won the famous sesame with a party grandfather, you can of course complete your collection with a female version embodied by the degenerate grandmother. And to thank you for your loyalty, every season 1 grandfather party owner will receive a free NFT for season 2.

6,000 Grannys will be offered at launch, each one unique. In fact, with over 180 different aesthetic traits, the combinations are endless and no one Granny looks like another. You can choose the one your heart beats for in this new collection. You will surely recognize many of the women in the spotlight in this new release. It is up to you to choose whether you choose a Celebrity or a Granny created from scratch.

The benefits of the Retirement Club

Becoming a Granny owner is not only being able to enjoy this cute face, it is also a member access to the Retirement Club.

When you participate in the famous ” Retiree club », You benefit from the complete package with all the exclusive benefits. In fact, in addition to having your Granny avatar, you also have special bonuses: access to concerts and music festivals, national and international sporting events,… So many more reasons to fall in love with Granny!

To mark the event, the Retirement Club hits hard every season. As for the Party Grandpas launch, the anticipated prices for the Degenerate Grannys launch will be exceptional! Four Granny owners will be raffled off and each will win a prize of $ 25,000, for a total of $ 100,000 at stake.

A Discord community at your service

More than 66,000 people have joined the Discord dedicated to Retirement Club, to get a sneak peek of all the information and advice from this select club. Join Discord now to share this adventure with all the other members and become a part of this exceptional community.

The countdown begins

The launch of season 2 was announced a few weeks ago, and The on-sale date is now known: December 21.

To end the year on a high note, you can offer or treat yourself with an unusual and exceptional gift. Write this date in your diary, it would be a shame to miss it, there will not be one for everyone.

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