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AirDroid Web: that’s what’s behind it


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There are many methods to sync files between your Android device and a PC system. It’s particularly easy with the AirDroid app. Why is this app so useful? Here we explain everything you need to know about AirDroid.

Features of AirDroid

AirDroid primarily advertises a simple transfer of files between your Android smartphone and PC, pretty much the counterpart to Apple’s AirDrop. But that’s not all the app can do. It also offers many useful features that make it easy for you to use your smartphone on your computer:

Manage notifications and SMS

With AirDroid you can receive and manage messages from your smartphone right on your computer. You can also connect to a headset and make a call from your computer, without even picking up your smartphone. Really useful if you don’t want to constantly pull your phone out of your pocket at the office.

mirror screen

With AirDroid, you can wirelessly mirror your Android devices to PC and share your screen. This allows you to transfer photos or footage to a larger monitor.

Paste text or links to clipboard

AirDroid has a clipboard toolbox where you can write notes, which will then be copied to your smartphone’s clipboard. For example, exchanging links between your PC and your smartphone is very easy.

Remote control and monitoring

With AirDroid you can control your smartphone from your PC and thus access it remotely.

Getting started with AirDroid

Setting up AirDroid is simple and doesn’t take much time. follow our step by step instructions or look at the Quick Start Guide a.

Transfer and manage files with AirDroid

follow our step by step instructions or look at the Quick Start Guide a.

Disconnect your device from your PC

When you are done using AirDroid, you can easily disconnect your Android device from your PC. This is easily done by clicking the power icon in the top right corner of the browser app. This will close it and disconnect your smartphone from your computer.

With just one click, you sign out of the AirDroid app and thus log out of your smartphone.

You can also disconnect your device from your PC by clicking “Exit AirDroid Web“. You can find this by clicking ” on the home page of the application.AirDroid’s website” writes.

There is also an option on the smartphone to log out of your PC.

Quick start: set up AirDroid

  1. Download the free AirDroid app for your smartphone. You can find them in the Play Store: AirDroid on Play Store.
  2. When you open the app after installation, you will be prompted to sign in with your account or create a new one.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, you should see the option for the access allow the app to access your files. So touch”Continue“.
  4. Then you will be in ideas on your smartphone, where you can select the option “Access to manage all files” Activate.
  5. Back in the AirDroid app, you will see that the “files“with the message”ABOUT” to indicate that the service is activated. Optionally, you can also activate other services here.
  6. Now go back to the app until you get to the homepage arrive. Here it touches “AirDroid’s website“.
  7. you see one now Website URL. So switch to your PC and open the address in your browser.
  8. The main web interface of AirDroid will appear and a dialog box will open, where you can now Check in be able.
  9. If you are using AirDroid with an account, your smartphone will now automatically connect to your smartphone. Otherwise you can simply click the button on your smartphoneScan QR code” and then read the QR code in your browser. The mobile phone automatically connects to the PC.
  10. Once you have established a connection, you will see several information through your smartphone on your PC and you can manage it from here.

Quick guide: transfer and manage files

  1. To view your smartphone files on your PC, tap on the left “files“.
  2. Here you can now easily manage the files on your mobile phone. With a the right button of the mouse opens a menu in which you selected files Clear Y to download be able.
  3. With the button “upload files” allows you to upload files from your PC to your Android smartphone. Clicking on it will open a window on your PC from which you can select the desired files and drag them to the AirDroid app.
  4. You can then access the files you have transferred on the AirDroid app on the smartphone. Here it only touches “AirDroid’s website“.
  5. You will now see the files that you have transferred from your PC. Touch a file here to open a menu with various options you can make to the transferred file.

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