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Police recovered an iPhone phone stolen from a university student

Police recovered an iPhone phone stolen from a university student

The device is valued at 185 nil pesos. Agents work to find the identity of the suspect.

Today 14:15

During the morning of this Monday, the police authorities of the Department of Citizen Security No. 16- Los Flores located the telephone in a house in the Sarmiento neighborhood. On January 14, a 20-year-old girl alerted the uniformed officers about the seizure of her phone, in close to Independencia street and SolĂ­s avenue. Two criminals on a motorcycle surprised her and stole her cell phone.

In consecuense, The police started tracking using the GPS system, making its exact location possible. Around 7:00 today, the white IPhone 8 plus, valued at $185,000, was seized.

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The person who had it in his possession, claimed to have obtained it on public roads, not knowing its seller as well as its illegal origin.

The Duty Prosecutor in charge of the Dr. Natalia Malachevsky, ordered immediate delivery to its owner. Meanwhile, the provincial police investigators are working to reveal the identity and location of the perpetrators of the robbery.

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