Aldi offers gaming laptops at regular intervals, most of which are good value for money. With the Medion Erazer Major X10, Aldi will be selling a very special model from October 27, 2022, which has never before been available in the discount store in this way.

Aldi sells gaming notebook with Inte-Arc graphics card

Until now, if you wanted to buy a gaming laptop, you had to choose between an Intel or AMD processor and an Nvidia or AMD graphics card. Intel recently came out with its own dedicated graphics cards and now, with the Medion Erazer Major X10, Aldi is offering for the first time a gaming laptop that is equipped with Intel Arc A730M with 12GB of graphics memory. you can buy that Gaming laptop from October 27 for 1,999 euros in the online store (look aldi).

While graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD are mature and offer high performance in games, the same cannot be said without reservation about Intel Arc. Especially in the beginning there was major driver difficulties and even now gaming performance is below expectations. And if you buy a gaming laptop for $2,000, then you really want to be able to play well with it. in the Test by ComputerBase you’ll find out why it’s not working as well.

Intel Arc offers many configuration options through software:

Intel Arc Control: New Features Overview

A good gaming laptop except for the graphics card.

With the exception of the integrated graphics card, the Medion gaming laptop is solidly equipped. You get a high-resolution 16-inch display, the speedy Intel Core i7-12700H processor, 32GB of RAM, and a 2TB SSD. At least you can work very fast with it, even if the graphics card can’t keep up. It is very possible that Intel may add updates again. Of course, you can try the experiment, but you can also get an RTX 3080 gaming laptop (look amazon). You should think about where the money is best spent.