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ALL ABOUT THE APP USED FOR ENCRYPTED CALLS BY THE VELJE NEVOLJE GROUP! Zivanovic explained in detail for TV Vesti how this software works


The ‘Sky’ app provides triple data protection, but …

Former Head of the Department of Combating High-Tech Crime Sasa zivanovic is a guest in Srdjan Predojevic’s author’s program on TV Vesti He pointed out that the misuse of encrypted communication technologies and services is a great challenge for all security services in the world.

This criminal group used the Sky application. This application is specially created, it has a triple protection system, data encryption. Encrypt the recipient’s name, the sender’s name, and the message itself. There is a panic button, if someone tries to access the investigative bodies.

If our police master this application, we can get to crucial things, Živanović said, noting that this software cannot be installed on all phones.

– This application provides protection for your phone’s hardware, operating system, and communication. It does not store data on the server, but on the phone itself. The duration of the message can be determined and the photos can also be encrypted. If the data has not been erased and if the digital forensics has been done in the right way, we can have a sensational knowledge – said Zivanovic.

Photo: TV News

The editor-in-chief of the Objektiv portal, Dejan Vukelic, says that he hopes that all the knowledge and documents collected during the investigation will be collected, collated and classified in the session of the National Security Council.

– Perhaps a decision could be made to present some of that evidence to the public. I have mixed feelings about whether it should be shown to the public, but I think the public should be informed about the type of people we are talking about, Vukelic stated.


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