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Germany intends to ban the sale of games like FIFA 21 to minors

Germany intends to ban the sale of games like FIFA 21 to minors

For some time now, authorities, journalists and gamers have been debating the nature of Loot Boxes, considered by some as a simple additional opportunity for users, and by others as a system very similar to that of the game. Germany is clearly part of the second group, as it is about to mark a historic turning point.

The German parliament has just passed a law that aims to ban the sale of video games with loot boxes to those under 18 years of age. The reform, which is part of the Youth Protection Act, is currently being evaluated by the Federal Council: if approved, it would take effect immediately next spring. This is a pretty severe restriction that I would go to greatly influence sales in Germany of all games that offer loot boxes, especially those very popular with young people. The first thing that comes to mind is FIFA, whose area of ​​influence is largely represented by minors: FIFA 21, like its predecessors, is technically a PEGI 3 game and founds the Ultimate Team mode directly in Loot Boxes, which is offered in the form of card packs.

The new law does not distinguish between platforms and extends to all video games on mobile devices, PC and consoles. Attorney Julia Maris says that children and adolescents are currently adequately protected online, therefore Heavy penalties will apply to all those who violate the new law..