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All game dates, times, matches

It looked like Nicola JokicThe All-NBA Second Team Center was about to take the lead in the game — he scored the last 11 points in Denver with 2.7 seconds remaining.

afterwards Anthony Davis — All-NBA First Team Center — The three winners of this game, Jokic, sounded a buzzer and won the game.

That’s why the Lakers won Anthony Davis (and gave up a lot to win him).

The shot gave the Lakers a 105-103 victory, making it 2-0 in the series. Game 3 is Tuesday night..

Davis carried the Lakers at the end of the game, hitting the Clutch Three Couple and finishing with 31 points and 9 rebounds. He is the best laker in the series, scoring 68 points and 19 rebounds in two games.

For the Lakers, it was a dramatic victory in a game that became a sloppy game with 23 turnovers and the defenses fell apart as an extension of the game. A good team wins an ugly game, that’s how the Lakers have to see it.

Denver supporters may want to spin this “see how well we played”-they do, slow down the pace (97 possessions via ), Going further inside using the switch — but the reality is the Lakers The series only went bad once or twice, and the nugget had to take advantage of it. They didn’t, and this loss stings.

“This is the Western Conference Finals. Nuggets coach Mike Malone said after the match:

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The coolness of Davis to win the game is based on Denver’s defensive breakdown that no other team has abused these playoffs. Mason Plumlee Inserted for his size and defense, and he was on Davis, and Davis simply runs across the arc. Plumley does not stick to him, instead Lebron James, I’m just hanging out on my elbows (Denver is afraid), but behaves like a switch. Tory Craig If Lebron had a free lane to the rim and two easy lanes, he couldn’t. If it was an X-out style switch, Plumlee had to follow Davis to Jokic, but instead closed Jokic for a tremendous amount of time. Jokik read the play and entered the contest, but Davis had a clean look.

Jokik gave Denver 30 points and nine rebounds, taking over the game at the most important time and looking like an elite playoff performer. Jamal Murray 19 8-point shooting and ( Athletic John Horringer (As mentioned on Twitter) was +16 at 44:14 minutes. So Denver was -18 at 3:46 when he was resting on the bench. Denver earns 15 points Michael porter junior And good minutes PJ Dozier (However, in six attempts, his five missed free throws came back to bite the team).

Los Angeles has 26 points and 11 boards from Lebron, Danny green And Kentavious Caldwell Pope..

The Lakers went flat in the game, with the exception of Lebron, who had the team’s first 12 points. It was like a close quarters battle until the Lakers made an 18-3 run in the second quarter. It is 8-0 at Revlon on the bench. The highlight is Alex Caruso A dunk that the Lakers raised the bench and shouted.

Los Angeles extended the lead to 16, but the nugget never ended.

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Anthony Davis had to close their door.