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Get your Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S now.

Get your Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S now.

Xbox Labo X.

Yes, be prepared to be incredibly disappointed. No, I can’t get the actual Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for now, but my Clickbait heading certainly applies … wait … console as an exact paper model Print and pretend you have the real thing. rivet.

As the official release date of November 10 approaches, you may be excited about Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console, but Microsoft knows how excited you need to be. So it has released some PDFs so you can Print a paper model at the correct scale It is a model of Xbox series X and Xbox series S. If you don’t want to print the exact scale model, there is also a 1/3 scale model. In other words, you can create a cute little console made of paper.

If you think it’s a silly idea to have a paper console, finally get the console at boot time, Pictures of those consoles and cute cardboard boxesIsn’t it really the same thing?

It’s worth pointing out that if you’re downloading a paper Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S PDF file, you’ll need paper, a printer, glue, and scissors. Once assembled, it’s also worth pointing out that the console doesn’t contain any internal hardware to run the game. You also can’t run DirectX ray tracing, and you don’t have those SSDs either. Fast load time.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be available later this year on November 10. The two consoles meet different needs. If you want to know more about them, A brief comparison of the two specifications Or you can check us Read more Here are some of the details we know.