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Allow Apple to offer app developers free or discounted subscriptions via offer codes

Allow Apple to offer app developers free or discounted subscriptions via offer codes

Apple will soon be able to offer developers discounted or free subscriptions via the new offer code. Company announced.. Developers can distribute these one-time use codes physically or electronically. This helps Apple get new subscribers, keep existing subscribers, or “win” expired customers, Apple says. According to Apple, the feature will be available “later this year” and will be available to customers using iOS 14 or iPad OS 14.

While app developers could previously offer discounted prices and referral offers for Apple device subscriptions, the new code gives developers more granular control.

according to New section added to Apple’s developer documentation, Developers can distribute code face-to-face or online. For example, the code can be made available as soon as you purchase the product, or you can email it. You can use them on the App Store, the web, or directly within the app. The example screenshots posted by Apple (above) show a redemption screen that offers a one-month subscription for free before returning to the regular $4.99 monthly price.

New features will emerge when Apple faces intense criticism from: Epic gameHey email developer base camp, And others are above the perceived Apple tax. With a few exceptions, developers should use Apple’s built-in payment infrastructure. That is, you need to cut 30% off your subscription or in-app purchases to your company. The new offer code doesn’t radically change this model, but it should give developers some flexibility in how they attract and retain subscribers.