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When will Brawl Stars' season 2, Summer of Monsters, begin?

Brawl Stars update adds customizable controls

Image via Supercell

Browl Stars latest update Brought to the game the highly requested features. Players can edit the controls and place them anywhere on the screen.

With the recent release of in-game gadgets, there is another button on the screen. Players are complaining about accidentally activating their gadgets when trying to attack or vice versa. But this problem should be solved with this new addition to the game.

The ability to adjust the position of controls may also open up new strategies, such as playing games with the claw settings. You can also adjust the size of various buttons.

This is an optional update that also fixed some other bugs Brawl star.. They are:

  • The shadow of the confrontation box will remain on the ground after the box is destroyed.
  • Notification timing issues
  • Problems with some layers
  • After turning on the brawler gadget, Mr. P’s health bar is too high on the screen.
  • Auto-fire targets in Sprout do not take into account the additional range from the rebound of Browler’s main attack grenade.

According to Supercell, it may take some time before updates are available in the store. In that case, developers are advised to download the optional update again later.