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Amateur readers, Preach surprises with stories and gifts.

Amateur readers, Preach surprises with stories and gifts.

We have known for a long time that the improved community includes many creative minds. let’s just remember this amazing Shadowlands comic short film by Janine. But now we have received details about the project from a reader who is as extraordinary as he is crazy. Mike from Preach Gaming is involved, but so is E-RP at Goldshire and a homemade hammer.

World of Warcraft | The mysteries of the Dragon Islands

drama time!

The project of our anonymous community member (at his own request) started half a year ago (!). On August 29, 2021, Mike from Preach Gaming read in his “Drama Time” video series Story “I, Goldshire!” Coming up on E-RP experiences in Goldshire and a player who reprimanded his relative with a Gamemaster for some… behaviour. Let’s keep it short: the author or main character did not go down too well with Mike and his community.

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