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Nintendo Switch Sports: Online Playtest Participants Confidentiality Requested – ntower

Starting today, anyone with an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription can sign up for the online game test from nintendo switch sports registration, which will take place this weekend. In various sessions, fans will be able to try the sports of bowling, tennis and chambara in the run-up to publication. But as it has now turned out, this limited testing phase comes with a catch.

As Nintendo expressly states on the Nintendo Switch Sports website, participants in the online playtest may not Publicly share information, images or videos of the testing phase. It is stated elsewhere that errors and unexpected events may occur during gameplay and that the online playtest does not represent the final product. This opportunity is used to evaluate various technical aspects in order to improve the quality of the game.

In this context, it is reasonable to assume that Nintendo does not want any contribution that the game cast in a bad light could. Dataminer is also surprised by the latest findings about the game. After an initial review of the game’s code, it turned out that Nintendo Switch Sports was probably not relying on the new NPLN server structure, but rather the old NEX system. In this sense, the question arises as to what technical aspects Nintendo wants to test here. By the way, it is said that the name of the title project was “Elsa”.

What do you mean everyone? Do you think it’s appropriate to ask online playtest participants not to post anything about it?