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Amazon Luna Controller Review | PCMag

Amazon Luna Controller Review | PCMag

Amazon Luna Cloud gaming service I’m impressed with its performance and affordability. Credit at least part of your performance to Amazon Luna Controller, a $ 49.99 gamepad specially designed for use with Amazon Luna. The controller is a well-built and comfortable Bluetooth gamepad, but its real advantage is a separate Wi-Fi connection that significantly reduces input lag when playing Luna games. The Amazon Luna Controller is technically an optional accessory for the service, but we consider it a must-have device if you want to play games through Amazon’s cloud.

Amazon Luna controller

Pleasant gamepad

The Luna controller is great and looks and feels great Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.. This is a very sturdy black gamepad with dual analog sticks offset in Xbox style and A / B / X / Y face buttons placed in an Xbox layout. The sticks, face buttons and triggers all feel tight and well made, but the plus-shaped directional pads are a bit spongy rather than clicky. The build quality is very similar to the Xbox wireless controller.

The menu button is around a large Luna button that lights up while using the gamepad. The pinhole mic is above the Luna button and below it (so you can use Amazon Alexa with your controller). The headphone jack is located at the bottom of the gamepad, much like an Xbox wireless controller.

The gamepad accepts two AA batteries and has a wired connection and a USB-C port for battery charging (if rechargeable).

Wi-Fi connection

Luna Controller connects directly to Amazon via its own Wi-Fi connection. Amazon states that this will reduce latency by 17-30 milliseconds. You need the free Luna Controller app to set up your controller. This app allows you to connect your controller to Wi-Fi. If you prefer, you can also use the gamepad as a standard Bluetooth controller. You can also use a compatible Bluetooth controller such as DualShock 4 or DualShock Xbox wireless controller, Pair with your desired device and play Amazon Luna games without reducing latency.

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After setting up and logging in, you can play the game using the controller Amazon Luna Through a compatible device. The gamepad connects to the Internet individually, so you can play anything from your web browser to Amazon Fire TV right away, without having to adjust your controller’s connection. Luna detects that your gamepad is connected to the internet and immediately configures it to control the device that is streaming your Luna game.

Game performance

I’ve tested Amazon Luna with extensive use of the Luna Controller and was impressed with its high performance. While playing Sonic Mania, Yooka-Laylee, Impossible Lair, and Control, the input responded quickly and the sticks, directional pads, and buttons all felt comfortable under my thumb. The individual Wi-Fi connection allowed us to significantly reduce the waiting time to play all three games through Amazon’s servers. With a dedicated connection, the Luna controller automatically works with Luna on your PC and tablet, eliminating the need to adjust device pairing.

Amazon Luna controller returns

The Luna Controller isn’t as good as a Bluetooth gamepad. I was able to pair it to my PC without any problems, but if I expected most of my PC games to work with an XInput controller such as the Xbox Wireless Controller, it was registered as a general purpose DirectInput Bluetooth gamepad. I couldn’t even run the game using the gamepad over Bluetooth using Steam’s common Bluetooth controller compatibility settings. There may be input wrappers or tools to make the Luna Controller easier to use on your PC, but that’s not suitable for most games out of the box.

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For comparison, I played Yooka-Laylee and Impossible Lair on Amazon Luna using an Xbox wireless gamepad. It still felt responsive, but there was definitely an extra input lag and the controls were a bit slippery.

Suitable for Luna instead of Bluetooth

If you want to use Amazon Luna, you need to purchase Luna Controller. It has a good build and provides responsive control to Amazon’s cloud gaming services. At $ 49.99, that’s not bad at all. Keep in mind that it’s not very useful as a standard Bluetooth gamepad unless you’re willing to do something to properly register your input.

If you need a great Bluetooth gamepad for PC gaming, you’ve won the $ 49.99 Editor’s Choice Award. SN30 Pro + I like it (and it’s Nintendo switch), The $ 59.99 Xbox wireless controller is no different.


Amazon Luna Controller is a great gamepad and includes a dedicated Wi-Fi chip that provides the best Luna game streaming experience.

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