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Amazon Prime: Project “Iliad” deliberately makes termination cumbersome

Amazon-Prime It is a very attractive offer for many customers. But if you’re trying to get rid of the Amazon monthly subscription, you have to go through a surprisingly long process first. We apparently owe the fact that this is the case to an internal Amazon project appropriately codenamed “Iliad”.

excuse me Business Insider Citing documents available for US publication from insider sources at Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer (unsurprisingly) intentionally made the process of unsubscribing from its Prime subscription offer the longest it could be. possible. The goal, of course, is to avoid losing customers.

According to the report, an internal project codenamed “Iliad” is behind the complex Amazon Prime subscription cancellation process. “Iliad” is nothing more than the English term for the “Iliad”, i.e. the extremely long ancient script that was passed down by Homer. So the name seems to be program.

Parts of the ‘Iliad’ project are still in use

Amazon allowed the opt-out process developed as part of the “Iliad” project to come online starting in 2017, meaning the number of Prime opt-outs has dropped by as much as 14 percent. A newer version of the unsubscribe process is still in use and allows the user to navigate to at least three pages where Amazon provides various “arguments” why the user should refrain from unsubscribing.

Among other things, Amazon names the remaining length of the respective billing period, notes that you’ll lose access to free shipping and various streaming content, and even calculates how much money you could save by switching to an annual subscription. In addition, the user is offered a reminder function for a later cancellation or pause of the subscription, all so that the customer does not give up.

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In a reaction to the Business Insider report, Amazon noted that all processes are as transparent as possible and that customer trust is a priority. Therefore, as part of the opt-out process, they only attempt to provide detailed and clear information about the options that remain for the user. The resulting consequences will also be communicated in detail, she said.

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