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AMD: Graphics Card Drivers Overclock Ryzen CPUs Without Being Asked


from Maximilian Hohm
What is the advantage of an AMD driver over an Nvidia driver? The AMD driver can also be used to overclock the graphics card and tools like Afterburner become obsolete. For some time now, it has even been possible to overclock the CPU of AMD chips directly in the controller using the Ryzen Master Module. However, this feature has become standalone in the current Adrenalin 22.3.1 and overwrites user input via Curve Optimizer or from UEFI. Read more about this below.

Until a while ago, systems with AMD graphics cards and AMD processors had to use two separate tools to overclock Windows. AMD Adrenalin graphics driver for the graphics card and Ryzen Master for changes that affect the processor. Last year, AMD merged the two and implemented an automatic overclocking feature for the CPU in the graphics controller and continued to bundle Ryzen Master.

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Now multiple sources are reporting issues with that overclocking feature and AMD itself has confirmed this. Igor Wallossek of Igors Lab was able to reproduce the issue from a community member’s post and isolate it in Adrenalin 22.3.1. For the first time, when loading a GPU profile, this driver not only accepts new voltages and clock frequencies for the GPU, but also adjusts CPU parameters without being prompted. In the case of a custom setting in UEFI or when using Curve Optimizer, an error message may appear and the GPU profile can only be loaded after a reboot. However, the graphics controller Ryzen Master Module overwrote some CPU configuration parameters, which can lead to system-wide instability.

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The issue also appears to affect systems whose GPU profiles were still generated with older drivers, so manual intervention and resetting settings in UEFI may be required for many systems. In the meantime, one possible solution is Radeon Software Slimmer, which can disable the controller’s Ryzen Master Module. At the request of Toms Hardware, AMD itself acknowledged the problem and launched an investigation, but unfortunately did not provide a quick fix. The problematic Radeon Adrenalin 22.3.1 is still listed on the California website and should not be installed according to the current status.

Source: igor’s lab & tom hardware

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