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Teardown 1.0 – Voxel Destruction Leaves Early Access

In the full version of Teardown, you can really go full throttle. Source: Tuxedo Labs

With the voxel-based destruction game demolish developer Tuxedo Labs achieved surprise success. The game has been in Early Access on Steam since October 2020 and has already won over many players with over 35,000 positive reviews. Originally as a one man project by dennis gustasson started, in the meantime he formed his own studio, which is now based in Malmö, Sweden.

On April 21, the destructive game with the Bring down update 1.0 Exit Early Access.

About Teardown

Teardown is a voxel-based building block adventure where players can live out their destructive fantasies using sledgehammers, vehicles, explosives, and more. As the owner of a demolition company, you accept orders to reduce various objects to rubble. However, there are also some very difficult things to achieve along the way. So you quickly find yourself blowing up safes, stealing cars, and looting buildings; after all, the money has to come from somewhere. You have to be very imaginative to come up with the perfect solution. There is no prescribed way. The main thing is that the mission leads to success.

Teardown features 100 percent destructible and interactive environments. Everything can be manipulated and destroyed. Teardown’s physics-based gameplay requires strategy and creativity to avoid sticky situations. From traversing tropical islands to dodging a raging tornado, Teardown offers a wide variety of levels for the player to explore and push the limits of their imagination.

In addition to the base campaign, Teardown has a strong modding community that encourages players to get creative and make the game their own. In this way, unique characters and structures can be created. In addition to missions, you can also blow off steam: Teardown has a special sandbox mode where players can destroy and demolish as they please.

In version 1.0, players will get more levels, new vehicles, game modes and more. Just watch the new trailer.

Tear Down 1.0 Trailer:

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