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AMD Raphael: Zen 4 CPU with integrated RDNA 2 GPU in action


Image: AMD

A reference entry confirms the already suspect key data of the upcoming Zen 4 desktop solutions codenamed Raphael. Also included is the RDNA 2 GPU, the benchmark tool recognizes this as a Rembrandt solution, which is the most obvious variant given the very architecture of this GPU unit.

Much of the leaked information lines up with recent rumors and official statements AMD made earlier this year. In January, the manufacturer emphasized that the Zen 4 consistently runs at over 5GHz in gaming tests. The fact that a benchmark reads 5.2 GHz is therefore not a coincidence, but rather fits the picture. The CPU ID is also not unknown, it also appeared in another benchmark database in January.

Zen 4 test model in the benchmark
Zen 4 test model in the benchmark (image:

New iGPU included for the first time

But it is not only the Zen 4 cores at high speeds that are the great innovation of the Raphael desktop processors, but also the integrated graphics unit for the first time. But that doesn’t make Raphael an APU, the GPU is too small for that. Currently, only 2 to 4 CUs are assumed. But that should be enough for the extra display options and certain features of a media decoder and encoder – the integrated Intel GPU in Alder Lake desktop processors is ultimately of little use for much else. AMD is closing a gap so that from now on all AMD CPUs can work without an additional GPU, albeit only for rudimentary graphics-related stuff.

Ultimately it is obvious that the GPU including audio (eg via HDMI) is recognized as a Rembrandt variant. RDNA 2 as a graphics IP is found in all current custom SoCs, such as console chips, but also in AMD’s Rembrandt APU, also known as AMD Ryzen 6000. Therefore, the most obvious support in desktops and laptops can be found here.

Zen 4 with RDNA2
Zen 4 with RDNA2 (Image:

The first GPU result is not very remarkable: 63.1 FPS delivers the ET: Quake Wars benchmark, while an AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX like a real Rembrandt offers over 182 FPS. But like I said: Less CU and probably a lot less clock play a role here. Rather, it should be taken from the first tests that the solution works.

Does it start in the fall, teaser in two weeks?

AMD will officially introduce Zen 4 desktop processors in the fall. Two weeks from now at Computex, traditionally the trade show for the classic PC environment, AMD boss Lisa Su shouldn’t miss the opportunity to spread more progress in this direction.

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