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AMD Ryzen R2000: Kleinste Embedded-Lösung ist bis zu 81 Prozent schneller

AMD Ryzen R2000: The smallest integrated solution is up to 81% faster

Image: AMD

AMD announces four new Ryzen Embedded R2000 for Embedded World 2022, taking access to a new level. But you have to look twice, because while the V2000 series above it has already reached Zen 2, the R2000 uses Zen+ again. In the end, the R2000s are a lot like the V1000s.

Much faster thanks to dual CPU core and Vega8

But precisely this modernization is a big step in the smallest industrial segment. Because now there are not only two cores and four threads according to the most original of all Zen architectures, but 4 cores and 8 threads in the slightly revised version of Zen+. The new solutions are also flanked by faster DDR4-3200 memory, so the overall package is ultimately significantly more powerful: the R2000 gains up to 81 percent over the R1000 according to AMD benchmarks. According to AMD, the graphics performance is also greatly increased, because Vega8 instead of Vega3 with the mentioned fast memory leaves its mark here.

In the end, only the tabular overview of all variants of AMD’s Ryzen Embedded shows where the new solutions come from, so to speak: On paper, there are minimally adapted V1000s, which now form the entry-level R2000. This is also compatible with AMD’s explicitly announced pin compatibility with the R1000 and V1000 models.

AMD APU in the integrated area

With upgrading the entire underlying platform comes more I/O, AMD generally talks about double the possibilities. Because instead of eight PCIe lanes, there are now up to 16 Gen 3 lanes, support includes USB 3.2 Gen 2.

Chip support and availability are again guaranteed for ten years. The two smaller solutions are already in production, the two larger ones will follow from October 2022.