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You need to know

what is that? First person horror exploration game.
Expect to pay $ 30 / £ 23.79
Developer Friction game
the publisher Friction game
Multiplayer? number
Out October 20
Link vapor

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the most beloved horror games on PC, so this direct follow-up was highly anticipated. Judging by the number of times my roommate heard me scream, Amnesia: I think the rebirth was successful. It may not be as novel as it was ten years ago, as there is no way to navigate the dark and cramped corridors and fight disgust directly, but it’s as scary as ever, and Rebirth adds to the series. Take you to a place of serious anxiety. It makes the Dark Descent look really adorable compared to it.

It’s almost impossible to say anything specific about a plot, character, or location without ruining a well-crafted story. The basic details are as follows: The embarrassed protagonist, Tashi Trianon, revives with Alix Wilton Regan’s stunning performance and discovers in 1937 that he was stuck in the Algerian desert, of course, with memory loss. Use stealth and speed to avoid nightmarish horrors, trek through dark and premonitions (most of which can’t even be conscientiously hinted at), find notes and photos to connect her past. Suit you. But the stakes are much higher and the journey is much stranger. If Dark Descent scratches the surface of Amnesia mythology and the 2013 A Machine for Pigs gives us a glimpse under the skin, Rebirth takes us all the way to that Eldritch’s heart.

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But throwing you into the deep end is a bit enthusiastic. Within the first two hours, you’ll be exposed to so much folklore that you’ll be pushed far beyond normal, and you’ll lose the sensation of gradually sinking into a well-functioning hell at Dark Descent. The card is displayed too quickly. If I didn’t get such a clear preview early on, I think some of the big releases would have been much more effective. Deleting or rearranging only one initial sequence will greatly improve the overall situation.

The resurrection suffers from the concept of “outside”.

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