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Apple iPhone 12 and 12 mini battery size leak clears the mystery of capacity loss

Apple iPhone 12 and 12 mini battery size leak clears the mystery of capacity loss

Apple Battery life of iPhone 12 series, To what it offers iPhone 11 model. Now, iPhone 12 miniOf course, keep a thin profile, assuming there is no predecessor, for example, a longer battery life than iPhone SE 2020,

Brazilian certification body ANATEL (via TecnoblogBut now it sheds light on possible reasons. there, iPhone 12 mini With battery pack (A2471) iPhone 12 The batteries (A2479) are listed with capacities of 2227mAh and 2815mAh, respectively.

In particular, the iPhone 12 battery pack may sound much smaller than the iPhone 11’s 3110mAh unit, but Apple quotes the same durability numbers, what do you get?

* Rated capacity

The ANATEL list also states that the iPhone 12’s A2479 battery retains a capacity of 2925.7mAh after 300 full charge / discharge cycles. Obviously, this is higher than the 2815mAh listed and may ultimately be due to the difference between standard and rated capacity.

Same as above for iPhone 12 mini battery pack (A2471)-2384.3 mAh was retained after 300 cycles, while the 12 mini has a rating of 2227 mAh that has been used forever. In fact, before the announcement of the phone, another 12 mini battery certification leak explicitly states that the listed 2227mAh pack is rated capacity.

Assuming the same for the iPhone 12 battery’s rated 2815 mAh capacity, much can be gained because the typical numbers that manufacturers list in their regular specifications and also enter in their own database are higher than 2925 mAh. .. Close to the iPhone 11’s 3110mAh battery.

This is with a simpler A14 chipset and OLED display technology iPhone 12May explain why Apple lists the same 17 hours of video playback on both phone charges, despite the high screen resolution and slightly smaller battery.

In any case, the first iPhone 12 and 12 Pro disassembly is likely to happen soon this week, after which you’ll definitely see their typical battery capacity.