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Among Us is the most copied game of 2020, with clones and fake animals popping up everywhere.

Among Us is the most copied game of 2020, with clones and fake animals popping up everywhere.

Among us It certainly is The most copied game of 2020. It almost seems fair, since we are talking about a video game in which you have to unmask a cheater in the middle of a group of real astronauts. Among Us was the most played game not only because of its great success but also because it is a very simple game in terms of structure and mechanics. However, recreating complex works with a unique design is very challenging. Copying between us is really very simple.

As proof of this, there are many games that I have blatantly copied, without trying to hide them. Take, for example, the Chinese success. ”The werewolves are among usFor mobile devices. Then there is Killer: One of us was injured Which has long been called simply Between Us 3D. There is also the mystery An impostor within us. In addition, there are also games that have not been released yet, such as Pretend.

Epic Games was also released Spies like usFortnite’s timed mode beats us in every detail. In, gifts were also born, such as Between us you put the story (Formerly known as “Between Us But One Player”) that explored a world between us creating context and story.

There are even more copies of us on the App Store, likeKill usIt allows you to play online with 3-10 players while you repair a spaceship to win, but be careful because there are one or two assassins among the players who will not stop until they have killed everyone. “Exactly, that too. You leave between us.

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Of course, there are no specific reasons to choose cloned games and not the original game, considering that it has a huge and very active global community. Finally, we reported that between us half a billion players crossed in a month, which is the most played in history.