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An Iconic Web Novel on Its Way Towards 9th Generation Gaming


Sword Art Online, or SAO for short, is probably the most popular all-in-one modern fiction story in the world. SAO has been captivating manga, gaming, animated series and animated movie fans of all ages and all nationalities, ever since the release of the Sword Art Online web novel back in 2002. Now it is time for the story to take its place in the world of ninth-generation gaming, as the releases of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are just around the corner. The capabilities of the new consoles will give the game the boost it needs to really entertain its audience.

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris is the latest addition to the gaming franchise of SAO. The game was originally released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but its developers parallelly worked on all the necessary enhancement elements that will allow the game to run on a much more advanced gaming system, such as that of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. SAO Alicization Lycoris, will be a title worth investing in, regardless of the ninth-generation console players will decide to buy in the end. After all, SAO is a role-playing game, which consists of all those features that make RPGs the most popular gaming genre in the world.

Ninth generation consoles will also support the functionality of previous SAO titles, such as Fatal Bullet and Hollow Fragment. The problem in their case is that a lot of their features will not be available on next-gen consoles. This is bad news for the fans of the gaming series, but for those players, there is always the alternative of playing other online games. A popular casino gaming hub for those looking for a wide variety of titles based on movies, series, and popular cultures is Many of the games in the website’s library are very different to what the average RPG player is used to, but the large selection of Playtech titles will keep even the most demanding online gamers busy for hours.

Another problem for those who cannot wait to play Sword Art Online on a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X is the shortage the tech industry is expecting upon the release of the first shipment of consoles. Console re-stocking is not going to be easy, and most, if not all of the consoles that were shipped out for the actual release are already spoken for. This means that SAO fans and fans of other games for that matter might need to wait a couple of months before they get their hands on a PS5 or an Xbox Series X.

Why Sword Art Online Is Important for Modern RPG Gaming

Indeed, SAO does not share the popularity of other RPG titles, such as Final Fantasy, Persona or even Monster Hunter World. Most review sites actually rate the game lower than a lot of games that have left a much smaller mark in gaming if compared to Sword Art Online and its history. The reason for that, is that the game’s developers stayed true to the story’s cultural elements, not taking the steps required for its “commercialisation”. This is not necessarily bad, as many “commercialised” titles have lost their identity over the years. Final Fantasy, for example, went from being a trademark RPG to being an action-adventure game. The same applies to a number of other titles, which did not only lose their RPG identity, but also took away the players ability to enjoy the open-world environments one expects to explore when playing role-playing games.

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