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Pet fish just defeat Pokemon Sapphire

Pet fish just defeat Pokemon Sapphire

Pet fish conquered Pokemon sapphire..After playing for about 3,200 hours, on the Mutekimaru channel Pokemon sapphire The fish experiment was finally over after defeating Hoenn champion Stevenstone.The channel first spread by word of mouth a few months before the fish discovered a new glitch. Pokemon sapphire, Almost 20 years after the game’s first release. The fish (actually four fish, all named Maurice) tried several times to defeat Stone, but he won and ended the campaign for nearly six months. The owner of the channel said on Twitter that he cleared the game while the fish was sleeping.

The channel spent months watching the “play” of fish Pokemon sapphireThe movement of the fish around the aquarium determines the next action to be taken in the game. The movement of the fish was tracked by the camera, which was transformed via a circuit board that entered commands into the Nintendo GameCube.

Mutekimaru Channel may be at a different pace as it was physically and mentally required to record and edit 3,200 hours of Pokemon play, but would like to continue playing Pokemon with fish. Said. The owner also said he was able to complete the entire game without losing any solid fish.

The Mutekimaru Channel experiment follows a tradition initiated by Twitch Plays Pokemon, where thousands of players enter commands into Twitch Chat to determine actions. The channel has shown that you can beat any Pokemon game by spending enough time on the game.

You can check the game conclusions in the video embedded above.