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Android 11 Go launches today, launching apps 20% faster

Android 11 Go launches today, launching apps 20% faster

Android 11 released this week For OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme Pixel devices and smartphones, Google details Android 11 (Go Edition), a compatible device designed for low-power devices.

One of the biggest new features is that Android 11 (Go edition) now works on devices with less than 2GB of RAM. This is a bump from Android 10 (Go edition) Less than 1.5GB RAM.. But you don’t necessarily have to expect to upgrade your existing 2GB smartphone. Google reports that Android 11 Go will only be available on new smartphones with that much memory, not the old ones. brink..

Google also states that it is the OEM’s responsibility to place Android 11 Go on the device instead of Android 10 Go, which contradicts the suggestions in the documentation. Obtained by XDA developer Back in July. Google does not provide examples of devices that can get updates.

However, if you’re using a smartphone that can be upgraded to Android 11 (Go edition), you can try out new features such as grouped notifications from the chat app in Notifications. Microphones, cameras, etc. Also, according to Google, the app launches 20% faster than Android 10 (Go edition). Android 11 (Go Edition) also adds a gesture-based navigation system that you can use to swipe the UI of your smartphone.

Update, 6:18 pm ET: There is no specific smartphone example yet, but we have added a description from Google about the types of devices covered by Android 11 (Go edition).