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Invite players to Star Park with the Broll Stars Season 3 update – TheSixthAxis

Supercell has released the latest update to its mobile blockbuster Brawl Stars. The update is available for download now and is ready for Season 3 games starting September 14th next Monday.

Recently caught fans Brawl talk video Supercell guys know that Season 3 has a funky theme park feel, new environments, new skins, and of course new browlers.

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Colette is a cashier working at a gift shop in Star Park and is a big fan of stalker-like blowers. She uses a unique mechanism, and the main damage of the attack is based on the remaining health of the target. Meanwhile, her supermarket sees her charging through the ranks of the enemy before being safely yanked like a yo-yo.

Season 3 has its own 70-tier brawl pass. Other upcoming changes include the resurrection of the Classic Map and improved quality of life. You can see everything below.

New Browler-Colette (Appears in Season 3)

  • Main attack

    • Deals 35% damage based on the remaining health of the target

    • After calculating the remaining health damage of 35%, the damage boost will be applied

    • Always deals a certain amount of damage to neutral targets such as PvE bosses and showdown boxes. You can increase the damage with power cubes and other buffs

    • Minimum damage is 200 (280 at maximum level)

  • Supernatural power

    • Collets run in a row and fold back after reaching maximum distance or hitting a wall, damaging both

    • Inflicts 20% of the enemy’s blower’s maximum health as damage

    • Always deal a certain amount of damage to neutral targets such as PvE bosses and showdown boxes (up to 1000-1400 per hit, depending on the power level of the collet). You can increase the damage with power cubes and other buffs

  • Gadget

  • Star power

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New skin!

  • Super Fan Emz – 150 Jewels

  • Sugar Rush Sandy-80 Gem

  • Mask Spike-30 Gem

  • Moon buds – 150 gems

  • El Atomico – 10 000 Starpoints

Brawl Pass-Welcome to the gift shop!

  • New gift shop environment

  • New Star Park environment (tutorial and training cave)

  • New music

  • Poco Starr skin

  • Trixie Colette skin

  • Pin packs are included in both the melee pass and the normal progression.

Game mode / event rotation changes

  • The map rotation schedule for Gem Grab, Showdown (Solo, Duo) and Brawl Ball has been reduced from 14 days to 7 days. This means that there are 7 maps for each rotation game mode, and each map will be playable more often.

  • Returned a long list of classic maps based on community feedback

  • Confrontation

    • Elixir Boost has been reduced from 200% increased damage to 100% increased damage.

    • Angry Robo modifier health and damage now scales according to the average blower power level during the match.

    • Power Cube Box health now scales according to the average blower power level of the match.

  • robbery

  • Siege

Brawler Balance –

  • A large round of Quality of Life supercharge rate tuning that fixes an issue where major and superattack combinations often leave the superattack slightly after being fully charged.

  • Following this section, a larger change to the supercharge rate intended as a buff or nerf to the character is listed. The purpose of these small quality of life changes was not to change the overall balance, but to fix these small issues.

  • As a result of the adjustment, there is a minor change in the supercharge rate of the next character

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  • Increased health from 4900 to 5000

  • Supercharge rate increased slightly from main attack

  • Super charge rate increased from Super Attack




  • Supercharge rate increased from 10 hits to 9 hits on main charge

  • Supercharge increases supercharge rate from 5 hits to 4 hits

  • Asteroid belt explosion range increased by 11%






  • The supercharge rate has been slightly reduced from the main attack (this does not change interactions or combos!)

  • The supercharge rate has been increased from Super Attack, allowing Mortis’ new Supercharge combo with 2 Super Attack Hits + 2 Main Attack Hits (decreased from the 3 Main Attacks required for this combo).


  • Supercharge rate increased from 7 hits to 6 hits on main attack

  • The supercharge rate has been increased from 12 to 10.

  • Added 1 second delay to Bear Paws before stun was applied

  • Bear Paws charge increased from 2 to 3



  • Increased health from 3600 to 3800

  • Supercharge rate increased slightly, full charge from 2 full hits in main attack

  • Supercharge rate reduced slightly from Super Attack




Mr. P



Strong wind

8 bits

Strong wind


  • The visual healing area of ​​Pam’s healing turret has been adjusted to match the effective healing area (the visual area has been slightly reduced).

  • The pulse modulator’s healing area has also been reduced to match the effective healing area of ​​the healing turret, giving the gadget a slight nerf.


  • New battle end screen

  • New app icon

  • The option to disable player slots in the friendly game room allows players to customize their own friendly matches and add a new bounty map “Open” (friendly only) for free use.

  • “Browsing Quest” status has been added to the game room

  • Added SCID login button to the tutorial screen

  • If a player’s friends also have their account connected to SCID, SCID will now receive friend suggestions from Facebook, LINE, and Kakao.

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Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the explosion effect of El Primo’s asteroid belt did not match the effective area of ​​the explosion, resulting in a 26% increase in the visual explosion area.

  • Fixed an issue where Dynamike’s Satchel Charge stun effect was applied to only one dynamite stick

  • Fixed a rare issue where the pushback effect would send a blower flying in the air

  • Non-exclusive Brollpass Broller pins can now be collected from reward tracks if the Season Broller is unlocked but the Broller Alternative Reward has not yet been collected.

Source: Reddit

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