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Android apps found stealing users' Facebook login details

Android apps found stealing users’ Facebook login details

Check for updates on your smartphone as soon as you wake up … Reply to messages from your friends … We do a lot of things like this, from apps to online shopping. But did you know that the apps you use are stealing your personal information? The 10 Latest Android Apps Facebook Antivirus software maker Dr. Webb has revealed that user data has been stolen. Nine of these are available for download from the Google Play Store and have been removed from the Google Play Store after being reported, Dr. Webb said.

Most of these applications have been installed by more than 100,000 people. Another was installed by 5 million people. According to Doctor Web, photo editing apps and PIP photo apps have been downloaded more than 5 million times. This list includes the apps App Lock Keep, App Lock Manager, Lockit Master respectively. The list also includes a memory cleaner, a fitness app, and two horoscope apps. They are often downloaded by people from the Play Store. Junk Cleaner, Inkwell Fitness, Horoscope Daily, HscopeDaily with over 100,000 downloads.

“Image editing software called Photopy Editor is still available on software aggregator websites even after it has been removed from the Google Play Store while these Steel Trojan applications were being analyzed,” the company said in a blog post. Unlike most malware apps, to disable in-app ads, you will need to log in with your Facebook accounts to access certain features. They steal login details entered by users. Dr. Webb said in his blog post that he may have stolen user data for illegal activities.

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